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Re: USAA no longer offering daily credit reports

What are mpm and ec?

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Re: USAA CMS just got Gimped!!

I just called them. If you want unlimited pulls it's $9.95 a month on top of regular rate. I will see on 10/9 on what they can do to save me money. I'm already on 12 month 50% of special so I might not save too much...might keep them but once the rate goes up to $12.25 again and then on top of that $9.95...I'm out!

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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

I'm pretty upset about this. I love my daily puller! It's a shame they have to do away with it.. it was such a great deal! I wonder if it's just costing them too much money to pull all of our reports daily. 


I'll be calling to cancel at the end of this month. 


Any word on what the "new" service is going to cost?

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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

I almost wish they would allow for like a mid package like 5 pulls a month. I would definitely stay. Pull my credit every 5 days or so...but once a month is way too little and unlimited pulls for extra 10 bucks is too much....RIP on 10/9....cancel time and moving on to someone else.

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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

I just got the email... right after I did a report this morning... on the phone now to cancel.

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Re: USAA CMS just got Gimped!!

as soon as i saw this email i called to cancel
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I just received an email from USAA stating, on October 9, 2012, USAA will no longer be providing daily reports, only monthly.  This is going to kill my new addiction of checking my reports daily :smileysad:   Here is what it said:



"Thank you for trusting Experian to provide you with industry-leading credit monitoring services. In order to continue to provide USAA members with competitive features and rates, CreditCheck Monitoring Premium will be undergoing a few changes on 10/9/2012.

Based on member feedback and usage, we determined that members actually need fewer full credit reports but more frequent updates on changes. With that in mind, here's what's changing:

Credit Reports will be available once per month, instead of on an unlimited basis. This frequency meets the needs of the vast majority of members. For those seeking unlimited credit reports, please contact Experian at 1-866-751-1320.

New! Score Alerts will be monitored and delivered to you twice per month, instead of only once per month. This helps you know when your credit score has changed.

New! Monthly Credit Report Statements will consolidate relevant credit report and score information in one easy-to-read summary.

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Re: USAA CMS just got Gimped!!

Totally shocked to see this in my inbox. I don't believe that customers want "more frequent updates on changes" instead of daily pullls. They're *supposed to* alert us whenever there is a change right now anyway. So, what does more frequent updated mean?! (Though, I seldom get alerts from them, even with changed on my CR.)


I do believe this is a cost-saving measure. I will most definitely be canceling this service unless they keep the daily pulls. while I don't pull daily, I do check it a few times a month, and want to be able to check it when I want without being limited to once a month. That is not worth $12.25 a month. 


(Plus the fact that their accts are screwed up and some of my CCs report on 3 different lines - one for each CRA. It makes it very confusing to review, but I put up with it because if the daily pulls.) Big bummer! 

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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

I sent them an email as soon as I saw it. This is a bad move for USAA. They are going to loose alot of buisness from this. I am cancelling at the end of the month, when hopefully my mortgage app is completed. 

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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

I just think it's unfortunate because I like having the freedom to check my credit report daily. This service comes in handy especially when you're dealing with lenders that say they won't shop your credit or do hard pulls etc. Having the ability to check on that kind of thing the very next day has helped me. I personally do not want to have to wait until nearly a month later to see what damage they do today. Not to say that we don't have the ability to check on it if we're denied, but still. It's peace of mind.

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