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Palisades thinks they're slick!!

Sent some GW a few months ago, Palisades being one of them, but got nothing.  Got discouraged and quit.  However I noticed that Palisades would report my collection info every few weeks on all 3.  They wouldn't change any information, just the date reported.  I wondered, why are they doing that? I just couldn't quite figure it out.  Recently got the motivation to try some GW again, sent some (including Palisades) and got one baddie account deleted, but nothing on the collections.   Pulled truecredit and noticed yet again that my friends at Palisades were still updating.  Decided to put together a strategy to get rid of them, starting reading all types of info, laws, etc.  Then one day:  LIGHTBULBS EVERYWHERE!!--Palisades is continually reporting so that if I do get any of the CRA to delete, it will just be reinserted on their next update!  How slimy of them!  I see now why people call them bottomfeeders!  That's ok, I'll just play dead for about 6-8 months and then WHAMO--hit 'em when they're not looking!  I can tell where they've re-aged my accnt on EQ, so I got 'em.  I will win, might take me some time, but I will prevail!!!!
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