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Pinnacle Credit Service

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Pinnacle Credit Service

This company is collecting on an old Verizon Wireless account, DOFD with Verizon is 04/2004 and Verizon has

deleted the TL from all 3 CRA's. Pinnheads are giving me all kinds of grief and are listing the following on TU and on EQ&EX. Pinnacle is listing a Date Major Delinquency First Reported: as 11/2008 . I've DV them and have had no reply yet after 3 weeks.

The SOL has to be past. What are my options? PFD? I didn't think they could even list a DOFD that was different from the OC. They had it listed as 120 days late last month but this mornings TL's were changed where they did not list days late. I have copies of the CR's where they listed them as 120 days late. I never recieved a dunning letter from them only found out about them when I started pulling my credit report. Is this pulling down my credit score very much?



 Pinnacle Credit Services



 Account No.: ******* *******  


 Responsibility: Individual Individual  

 Condition: Derogatory Derogatory  

Original Balance: $131 

  Balance: $131 

  Date Opened:  09/2008  

Date Reported: 05/15/2009 06/15/2009  

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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

Give the DV some more time. I'd personally would give it 2-3 more weeks before sending another.

Does VZW's last balance match with this CA's balance?

IMO, the DOFD could be an issue. Does the drop off dates on EX and TU match that?

This is hurting you quite a bit, I bet. Not only is it recent, but they have updated monthly.

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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

The balances match, only EX shows a DOFD 04/2003 TU & EQ shows  as a collection account also but with the 2008 date as being the date the account was opened and show 120 days late which I didn't think CO's could do. There are no other dates for DOFD on TU & EQ, its looks almost like a new account from 2008 not the original 2003 verizon had listed as DOFD. I made a mistake with the first post stating it was a 04/2004 account it is 04/2003.


Thanks LLECS


I'd love to call these people but from what I read its not a good idea..

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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

If you pull your TU report directly from TU, you should see a drop off date. If you were to subtract 7 yrs from that date, then you'll find DOFD for TU. For EQ, if you pull directly from you'll see a field at the bottom of the account for DOFD. If these info aren't available, it may be worth a phone call to EQ and TU to check when it is scheduled to drop off.

IMO, a CA can report a late. Someone will come by and disagree, though. Smiley Happy

Never ever never call a CA. Their word is never their bond. They will say and do anything to get you to pay. And I'm not against paying (PFD is the next step if they verify), I've read too many stories of the CA saying something like "if you pay today I will delete", only to not fulfill their promise later.
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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

Pinnacle has not verified yet but Verizon told me on the phone today when I called them that Pinnacle is authorized to collect. So now what PFD?
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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

Give the DV some more time and then send another after 2-3 weeks. Ratchet up the legal rhetoric on the second. File a complaint with the BBB for not responding (legally they don't have to). Be sure to check whether or not they are licensed in your state and there's. After a couple of months, and after not hearing anyting, then you'd have to decide whether or not you want to PFD.

Search for PFD success stories for Pinnacle.
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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

Got a letter from the BBB yesturday stating that pinnacle is deleting from all 3 CRA


Thanks Again

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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

Hey I was curious. I finally got a response from the BBB in a similar issue with Pinnacle? How long did it actually take for them to remove the crap? Thanks, and congrats to you as well!
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Re: Pinnacle Credit Service

Hi, I know it's been a while on this one.  Hopefully you remember.  I have a $300 early termination fee from Verizon that's now with Pinnacle.  I ended service in 2008 due to numerous dropped calls and paid my last bill -- then Verizon hit me with $300 with two months left on my contract.


You say the BBB notified you that the info was being removed from all 3 CRAs.  The posting didn't indicate when/how you contacted the BBB?  How did you contact the BBB?  How did that come about, what did you say/report to the BBB?  If you remember the details Smiley Surprised)


This is scheduled to drop off 2/2013 based on notes in my report, but Pinnacle updated the reporting date to 1/2012, which, I think, is affecting my score.  I want to see if Pinnacle with do a settlement PFD.  Or how successful will I be getting Pinnacle or the CRA to put the date back to what it should be so this doesn't show as recent. If an expert is reading this and I am misunderstanding the scenario of changing the "reported date" and the date the CRA says it will drop off.  Does the collector changing the "dates" affect my score?


Trying to raise score to purchase home in June of this year (2012). Thanks!

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