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Reinstate an old card?

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Reinstate an old card?

Has anybody ever succesfully reinstated a CC that is listed on CR as a Paid Charge Off?
I have a WaMu card that was opened in 2000, the card now reports as a paid CO.  I know it's a long shot, but it would be great to have a card with an opening date of 2000.
There is a Wamu office about 40 minutes from me, I was thinking about going there and pleading my case....
How's Wamu to deal with?  easy?  difficult?
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Re: Reinstate an old card?

Not very likely. I'd try to get some GW outta them first.
With Chase, I got GW deletes, then applied and denied, and finally reconned and approved. Now I'm flailing away at trying to get a CLI outta them.
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