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Score Dropped 6 points

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Score Dropped 6 points

My score dropped 6 points..What happened?
 I can't figure out why my FICO dropped.. I didn't want to pull down another score power. If I notice a couple of consecutive drops the next few months... I'll pull it...
Is it possible a couple of my accounts have aged? I was looking at my credit report I pulled a few months ago. It appears two of my accounts are now 2 years old. I THINK FICO uses a slightly different formula when accounts age over 2 years.
A money transfer didn't get into my checking account fast enough. I moved money in my account from Overdraft Protection. After I moved the money, I discovered I was over my limit by $2.00..
I used Overdraft Protection for a day before I paid it back. Actually it was more like 20 hours..Is it possible the bank reported me over the limit??
Someone checked my credit?
My alerts are not showing anything in Score Watch. Any ideas why my score dropped? I suppose a score can jump up and down much like the stock market. Just trying to figure out what happened so I won't need to get a Score Power?

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Re: Score Dropped 6 points

Minor fluctuations are normal. I wouldn't worry about it.
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