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TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

I have become the victim of a new wrinkle in the credit world and the blind faith lenders place in these incredibly inaccurate companies.  Everyone know credit scores get you approved for a mortgage, however now having an account "in dispute"  causes doubt (their lingo - not included in the scoring model) and will disqualify you for a mortgage.  Now the catch - The "disputes"  were legitimate  disputes in the past (wrong address, wrong type of account, etc)  All of the disputes had been resolved and closed but a comment is added to the account which states "consumer disputes this information".  Sounds easy enough to get corrected - call and tell them that you do not dispute it and should come right off.  Experian - yes.  Equifax  - yes.  Trans Union - "hello this costumer rep x and I am not capable of changing any information but if you would like to open up a dispute (yes to dispute the fact that I have a comment saying I dispute the information) we can investigate".  Anyone w/ a brain can see this would then make the argument true.  Work around - I obtained a letter from the creditor stating that I do not dispute the info and have faxed it to Trans Union.  Who knows if and when it will get corrected.  I can tell you my home loan which was initially approved did not close because of this.  So now you can not even dispute information.  I am furious and can not understand why we all are held hostage to a system that thwarts common sense at every turn.
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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

I have read recent reports that certain lenders are doing this. I believe it is because they believe that the disputed tradeline is excluded for scoring purposes. For some reason I thought this was only true for Equifax in reality. I know that the disputed remarks stick around long after the dispute has been resolved (resolved in the eyes of the CRA). The lenders do not seem to realize this and assume you are trying to manipulate the scores. The only thing I can suggest is use a different lender. An experienced broker usually knows which lender to direct your file to once they see your credit report. I know plenty of folks who have successfully refinanced with a ton of old diputed remarks on their tradelines and they were never questioned. Good luck with getting TU to remove the remarks. They are usually the most compliant and consumer friendly so that surprises me. 
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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

Thanks for the info.  I didn't go into detail but the problem is not usually w/ the mortgage company but with the guidelines for underwriting that Freddie Mac is using.
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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

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 I am going through the same thing. EQ and EX both deleted the comment the same day.  TU have an iinvestigation open which is ridiculous. 
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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

Hi, do not give up it took me close to 2 months to get an erronous dispute placed by the creditor from a charge off account from year 05 with a $0 balance off my report and I never ever placed a dispute with them in my life, it took alot of phone calls to this creditor as well as TU even  having to place 2 disputes with them although  last call to the creditor I was very upset and had enough and I stated I was going to notify the FTC but finally it did end up coming off my TU report.  Also with the dispute comments placed on my cr it  drooped my cs soon as it came off back in the 700's again.  Keep at them and good luck.

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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

I just have to say that I love your subject line. Made me LOL for real. :smileyhappy:


Everything works out in the end...either you'll get the same house with a lower rate, or you'll find a home you love even more. I hope it works out as painlessly as possible for you!

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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

That's funny.  Transunion has consistently been the most responsive of the three for me.  If I want to dispute something, even more than once, they'll do it.  They don't argue with me when I need a free copy of my report.  Their score is frequently higher than the other two.  And their report is the most accurate of the three.


Different strokes I suppose.

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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

I agree with the others.  Actually I've found  TransUnion the easiest and friendliest to deal with and also they are the quickest to delete mistakes off your records and help resolve disputes the quickest.  I find Experian to be the worst.

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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

If I were going to spend my time replying to a post, I would at least address the points made in the original post.  I will show you where you went wrong.  I did not comment on their accuracy.  I did not comment on whether or not I received a free report (I have since received 4 copies from them), making your point about their lack of arguing over it moot.  Never said a word about my score.  Did not mention how many times TU will investigate a dispute.


Now my issue with them restated.  They do not give their representatives on the phone the ability to change information on the report, even when it is something as stupid as a comment on an account.  Again, I'm not talking about an ongoing dispute.  Their solution was to start an investigation to dispute if the "dispute comment" was legitimate.  I was telling them that I did not dispute the information.  Starting an investigation would then make the comment true.  I'm sorry if this is too dificult for you to understand.


In case you are interested, and since you seem like you do take an interest in your credit, I'll tell you how the issue got resolved.  As I mentioned, the only phone numbers available to consumers are of no use.  They do however, give phone numbers that will allow someone to deal with a "quick response manager" to another type of paying customer - credit specialist companies.  These companies, Credit Plus in my case, exsist to help the mortgage industry.  They sell them a tri-merge report and if there are any issues, they will attempt to resolve them for a fee of course.  Well the mortgage company loves them because the mortgage company does not have the time and resources to get items on an applicant's report resolved and, for the reasons I mentioned, it is a slow process for the individual to get the corrections made.  I feel it is the the duty of Trans Union and the others to provide us the same avenue for resolution - phone numbers to employees who can actually make changes and updates.


Doesn't it bother you that all these other playes are making money off buying and selling your information?  The worst part is that those costs just get passed on to you.  Not only did I have to pay Credit Plus a credit report fee but additional charges for getting directly involved w/ Tran Union to update information that had I had the phone number, I could have done myself.


Lastly, I'll say this about your comment.  All your points deal w/ the terms the three credit bureaus have trained you to consider important.  I personally take offence to their manipulation of my personal information for profit.  The fact that I nearly missed an opportunity to obtain a mortgage makes me angry.  So keep telling yourself everything is fine w/ TU, just hope you never have a "comment" on your report that you need removed in a hurry.  Good luck continuing to play their game.

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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

I am having the same problem.  I applied for a refinance and my lender contacted me told me that I am conditionally approved except for one thing, and that is I show "customer disputes this account" under comments on my CR's.  These accounts were paid and closed long ago.  The underwriter tells my lender that I need to have these "comments" removed from my CR's before I can get full approval.  Did you succeed in getting yours removed?  And if you did, how, specifically, did you accomplish that?  With a phone call?  Or did you have to send letters to the CRA's?  Or some other method like contacting the creditor?

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