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Wow I was just threatened by a PNC Bank REP - Gotta read this!

So I call to make my car loan payment and the rep is very rude to begin with.  Im still within my grace period as of today but the payment wont go through till tomorrow.


The rep begins to ask me personal questions and asked why I was late.  I told him I had missed work I was sick for 4 months.  He began to ask me even more questions,  I said 'Sir ive explained to you everything and Ive made my payment"    So he says if I dont answer his questions hes going to have my car reposessed tonight???  Can they do that?  Im not even past 30 days **bleep**? Ive tried contacted several managers and all they say is thats not possible he cant send someone out.  Ok but he threatened me with this and had me worried.


What can I do?  The managers just seem to not want to deal and give me off to another manager.


Please advise


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Re: Wow I was just threatened by a PNC Bank REP - Gotta read this!

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nope they cant do that... the guy was just being [mod cut] to you

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Re: Wow I was just threatened by a PNC Bank REP - Gotta read this!

I suppose it depends on your contract and your state's laws. In my I-don't-care-about-credit days I signed two car contracts which both had a 10-day default clause. In other words, if I was 10 days late, they can come and repo if they wanted to. My state law had no provision blocking that from happening. I was late almost every time on one contract and despite being only 30-days late, they did take the car, though in fairness to them I was late more than half the time all the way up to 90 days late.


Will it happen? Odds are virtually zilch if you are beyond your due date and zero if you are not late now. He was being a jerk. I'm sure they have hundreds of outstanding contracts with folks being 30+late as we speak. They'd have to contact a towing company and they'd have to get it and it can potentially take days for that to occur. You also made a payment and an argument can be made that you paid today vs. tomorrow. Don't sweat it.


If super worried, you can file a complaint to that manager's manager.

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Re: Wow I was just threatened by a PNC Bank REP - Gotta read this!

I'd file a written complaint, log the time/date you called (They say they are recording those calls, let's see if they are) and complain.  Oh Big Car Company Guy who takes phone payments!  He's so cool.

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