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comparing scores from the three major CB's

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comparing scores

for anyone who has equifax being lower than other scores, like 50-80 points lower, did you pull your CR's from the FICO site or individual? I pulled my EXP and YU cr's from the individual bureau sites and the i did the same for the EF cr, but it came from the fico site - which i did not know they were tied together. I see where one can purchase all 3 CR's from the fico site, does that mean all three scores will be in general, lower? THis is getting ridiculous. Makes me want to pay cash for everything except for house. Any assistance or similar experiences appreciated.
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When my loan consultant ran my credit a month ago, EQ was...

When my loan consultant ran my credit a month ago, EQ was my middle score--about 20 points different from the other two (EX lower and TU higher).  I just ran my EQ and EX last night, and EX is now 17pts higher than EQ.  Don't know about TU yet, but if it stays exactly the same it's now in the middle with EQ the lowest.
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