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need some advice on credit length.

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need some advice on credit length.

hey everyone i just joined up and pulled my equifax score

it is at 593 right now.

it said my amount of debt,payment history,and amount of new credit was good,

but it said credit history lenght was had since my oldest is 1 year and 2 months,how long does it take before that becomes good.

and does that severly affect my score?

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Re: need some advice on credit length.

That category includes the overall length of history, your AAoA, length of your oldest revolving, installment, etc., and a couple of other factors if memory serves. It's a smaller part of FICO scoring at 15% of your score.


If you look at your FICO report it'll list on the 2nd and 3rd page items that help and hurt the most. These are ranked in order so you can have a fairly good idea of what hurts/helps the most.

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