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pls dont ignore...major confusion

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Re: pls dont ignore...PRO HELP PLEASE

Another thing you will need to watch out for is this:
The OC (Providian) will list your account as charged off - showing debt owed - ding one; secondly the CA will now also list your account as OPEN as of the date they were either assigned or purchased is legal for them to list the debt this way, God only knows why because it's crap, they should have to list it this way.
I have one listed this way by Prov, and the latest CA, and then they list the dang thing AGAIN as NEW as of 4/2004, when DOFD was 10/2002; to top it off, they show ACTIVITY, which is BS and in violation of our rights!
Just seriously keep an eye on things.  I've been trying to make someone at EQ read my stinking dispute that the account is the SAME, all they did was change the first few numbers to letters.  SO, it reports as DOUBLE the debt - NOT true.
Thanks to this board and the gang on here, I just disputed again and can request MOV (Method of Verification) to nail them on another violation.
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