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question about Authorize User account that has been closed by CHASE

I am AU on my wife's Chase Card ( Originally WAMU) $7500 CL and $400 BAL

Now they closed her account for no reason, she is pissed and dont want to talk to them

We will pay remeaining $400 next month


My question is, since it saying " CLOSED BY CREDIT GRANTOR " ( which I know is -ve), is there anyway atleast I can have that deleted on My Report? ( I m Just a AUTHORIZED USER and NOT a Cowner)




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Re: question about Authorize User account that has been closed by CHASE

As an AU, you should be able to get it deleted. Ideally, Chase would do this, but you never know, as they're busy getting screamed at by irate former cardholders.

I would wait until the $400 is paid, and then call Chase, asking them to remove it. If they don't, you can then dispute the account with the three CRA's (credit bureaus) as "not mine." I'd do Chase first, though, because disputing with the CRA's can sometimes take unexpected and unpleasant turns.

And FYI, the notation of "Closed by grantor" that will show on your wife's reports will not affect her score in any way, and I doubt very seriously that it will bother future lenders. There are so many banks running around screaming "Off with her head!" these days (to quote the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland) that there's an excellent chance that anyone reviewing her reports has had an account closed himself/ herself.

I have an old store account marked "closed by grantor," and no one has ever questioned it.
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Re: question about Authorize User account that has been closed by CHASE

Before you call them make sure it isn't helping your score.  How old is the account vs your AAoA?  Is the payment history good?  Were you added to help your score?  You may find that you're better off leaving it alone.
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