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Re: weird vredit karma

Ck said all of mine were gone except 2, but I didn't believe it. Then I bought my scores from this site and it says I have 2. So then I went to Transunion and got a report, and only 2 left. I had 14 in Sept. and only 10 were due to fall in August of this year. Funny this is, out of the 4 that are from Sept 12 and Jan 13 that would stay until 2014/2015, 2 of those are gone and have not come back for 2 months.

So no report shows more then 2 from any service.

I'll take that though.

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Re: weird vredit karma

CK showed 7 Inqs fell off, showing I only have 9 left


then I pulled my TU full report and the INQ were still there, So I guess CK is wrong... wait and see

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Re: weird vredit karma

Not only did CK show all my inqs gone, it also zeroed out all my credit limits.  that was a shocker for sure!

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Re: weird vredit karma

It also zero mine out too I guess I will wait and see about this ck

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