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Does anybody have any idea about that mortgage company. My scores are TU 587 EQ 532 and EXP 598. I filled out the rate form on Fico website and I put poor credit and that is the only company came up as a match. I went to their website. It seems like they approve anyone.Here is the link. Thanks
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How this is possible? It says credit score does not matter.
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I would not do it. If you have to go thru them you will end up paying tons in interest and fees as I am sure it is a subprime lender.
You need to get yourself in a better credit situation. There will always be homes. That is what you must tell yourself.
Much better to rent a decent shack, save up $, pay yourself first, build up your credit and then get a home.
Much better than foreclosure because you bit off more than you can chew just to high hopes.
Sorry to be so blunt. But have seen people loose their homes.

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