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Adding a mortgage for a second property

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Adding a mortgage for a second property

Hey everyone,


I'm new here.  I was just curious if you guys might know how this situation will impact my credit score.  I'm currently mid 700's for a credit score with a spotless report.  My girlfriend and I are buying a house together currently.  We are already preapproved for the mortgage, but we haven't closed yet.  I currently own my home and we are turning it into a rental property.  Any idea how adding this second joint mortgage will report to my credit or how it may effect my score?  I have a feeling it could drop my score a bit due to having two mortgages out there.  Her and I can afford the home without issue.  I just don't want to see my credit score slip too far down from where it is.  And if it does, any idea how long it will take for it to climb back up with ontime history?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Adding a mortgage for a second property

Any new account will result in that new credit ding and possible impact to your average age of accounts. IME, I've lost 20-25 per new account, but in every case, I fully recovered within a year.

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