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Anyone have a mortgage through NFCU?

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Anyone have a mortgage through NFCU?

We would like to go through Navy Fed. Credit Union for our mortgage. We have two car loans and a cc through them. 

Anyone have good/bad experiences?  I'm a little worried because we would be doing most of it over the phone, and nothing really face to face in an office.  But, they have such great deals and we have history through them.

Anyone know what dti or scores they are looking for?




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Re: Anyone have a mortgage through NFCU?

over the phone, via fax, overnight is NOT a problem for them.  They are VERY GOOD at this since most of their members are all over the place.
Case in point - a friend of mine was PCS'd from San Dog to TX - hubby was deployed at the time of the orders.  She went to TX, found the house, got it under contract, got the mortgage went to settlement - and was waiting for him with keys to the new house when he got in to SD for the move-out.  NavyFED faxed and emailed him aboard ship - and had the Jag do the specific POA for the actual purchase and it was overnighted to them.  BTW, this was their last duty station before retirement (or so they thought - with 2 boys in HS in TX, he is now geo-batching it in Philly for 3 years since he made Chief in TX and they decided thirty was appropriate).
Some of the easiest transations I have ever closed - I never met the loan officer face-to-face --- and I've closed more than a few since I sell houses.
NavyFed is solid - no worries about being able to fund your loan - go for it.
Now, when you are buyng a house that you have only seen pictures of - that's when you can spend a few sleepless nights.
Best suggestion I can make about DTI and scores and programs (with no INQ for you) is to pull your score and report from all 3 bureaus and fax it to them for review - call first though and get someone to fax it to. - let them review everything and give you your options.

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Re: Anyone have a mortgage through NFCU?

Our mortgage is through NFCU, and we've been happy. Except for the first payment that they dumped into my savings account, then tried to charge me a late fee. Smiley Happy Once they straightened that out, everything has been peachy. Their online site is fairly low-tech, but it's got all the basics, and they are very fair with rates and policies. I also like that they don't seem to sell off their mortgages as much as other banks do (if at all). My first house loan got sold like three times.

NFCU and USAA are the best banks ever, I think.
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