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Attended my NACA workshop today

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Attended my NACA workshop today

I am so excited to start this process after the horrible three month experience with my first LO - being told I'm approved but they're unable to "home" my loan.


The workshop was very informative.  The Presenter was knowlegeable and funny which made the day go quickly.  


My counseling appointment scheduled for September 12th. - this was the soonest available appointment. 


I already have my NACA ID from years ago - so I just need to contact the office on Monday to verify they do not issue a new one - to avoid confusion I was told.  I just hope my couneling appointment goes smooth.


I feel kind of guilty in that I am in the loan process with another LO for USDA loan.  This time I requested a TBD approval with conditions.  The timeframe is 2-3 weeks before I hear if I am approved or not. 


Was I wrong to attempt this NACA process while going through this other approval process?  I just want a home that's mine and whichever loan approves first I'm happy with because they both are great programs.

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Re: Attended my NACA workshop today

It's fine to look into different mortgage options, no problem with that and trying to get approved for more than one.  NACA is a great program if you have the patience and are in an eligible area.

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