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Auto Loan Paid Off

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Auto Loan Paid Off

I paid my auto loan in full and it's showing up differently under all the credit reporting agencies.  So I have a multiple part question....  The most obvious error is the one that shows that I still have a balance of $1,200.  The second agency shows a balance of zero and an "OK" current status.  The third shows a balance of $0 and and "OK/Was 30 days past due" as my current status (I did have one late payment two years ago). Do I want them to indicate $0 and "closed by consumer" or is it better for my FICO to have them appear as $0 and open and in "OK" standing?  Does "closed by consumer trump the 30 day past due?
I'm somewhat confused as I presumed an auto loan to be an installment versus a revolving and therefore automatically closed when having a balance of zero.
Thanks in advance for any clarification!
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Re: Auto Loan Paid Off

Closed does not mean the 30 day late is no longer hurting you. Try a GW.
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