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Confused about Dispute comment...

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Confused about Dispute comment...

We sent a few GW letters to ACS about late payment removals, they of course denied removing them. Now all of the sudden there is a dispute comments "Consumer disputes after resolution" (EQ) and "Dispute resolved; customer disagrees" (TU). We didn't dispute it with the credit bureuas for either EQ or TU, we talked to them ACS directly. I am so confused at why they would put this comment on his credit if we didn't actually dispute it, and what we now have to do to get them to remove/change it? The change in comment did NOT affect his score in any way. Will this hurt our loan process if we don't get it removed? 

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Re: Confused about Dispute comment...

They add comments like these when you do a GW.


It will effect your loan process if you are going conventional.

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Re: Confused about Dispute comment...

I have found the easiest way to get these remarks removed is to just fax over a letter.  I have done this with success even with the really nasty Midland.  It simply stated:


At this time, I am not disputing this account.  Please remove any and all comments from all three credit reporting agencies. 


Be very carefull with companies like Midland ect...they will ask you to admit to the debt as well.  You do not have to do this.  It took Midland aprox 7 days to remove the comments. 

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