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Do I Qualify

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Do I Qualify

1. Credit Score - 690  (One Collection $956 from 6 years ago)

2. Gross Yearly Income - $99,500

3. Source of Income - Salary

4. Monthly Debt - $1735

5. Employment - Full-Time W2 for 3 years

6. Reserves - $7,000 Savings / $30,000 401K (Not planning on using 401K)

7. Location - Arkansas

8. Property Type - Single Family Home

9. Purchase Price - $197,000

10. Occupancy - Primary Residence

11. Transaction Type - Purchase


Any reason why we wouldn't get approved?

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Re: Do I Qualify

Are you going FHA?  If so, then the 7k is enough for the 3.5% down payment.  FHA doesn't have reserve requirements but its good you have them.  What are the taxes on the property?  Association due?

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Re: Do I Qualify

Loan Type: FHA (3.5% Down)

Annual Taxes: $1632

Annual Insurance: $687

HOA Fees: $0



I've already been pre-approved and our offer was accepted about 2 weeks ago. We are now worrying about underwriting. The house passed inspection last week and our LO has ordered an appraisal. How long does underwriting usual take? We are scheduled to close on Oct. 23rd and we've already put in our notice on our rent house.

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Re: Do I Qualify

Yeah you will be fine.

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Re: Do I Qualify

Oh yeah.. you're there.  Go get it!

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Re: Do I Qualify

We Closed!!!!

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