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Do I have a chance?

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Re: Do I have a chance?

You can do some of your own comparables to get an idea what the home will appraise for.


Check listing prices of homes in the area, and mainly check selling prices of the homes in the area. The comparables have to be pretty similar as far as rooms, sq ft, additional features etc etc..


There are many different sites to get this information from. Just understand that they are Third Party Sites and may not be 100% accurate, but can give you a feel of what to expect.

Good Luck
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Re: Do I have a chance?

One of the best sites i've found for comparables is the Chase site, like JM-AM said, they are not 100% accurate but give you an idea, plus pull the recent sales around you.  Here is the link to the Chase site. 

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Re: Do I have a chance?

Congratulations and keep us posted on the progress! 


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Re: Do I have a chance? Feb 4th update

Been very sick past few days, lost ~8lbs not good. House got appraised at 139k so I'm really happy with that. Just got a few things from UW to take care off: 30 days paystubs, bank statement for January and statement showing earnest money taken out of my account. Pretty easy if you ask me

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Re: Do I have a chance? Feb 4th update

That's great to hear!  Not that you've been sick but hte conditions needed - awesome!

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Re: Do I have a chance?

Yep those conditions mean smooth sailing! I had to provide all of the same things and I have 50% approval...waiting for the other underwriter to approve. So things are moving along for you nicely. :-)
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