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Final Conditions received from underwriting


Final Conditions received from underwriting

Just got the third round of conditions from the underwriter very minor stuff they should have already brought up. Should have everything together by tomorrow. Processor did indicate that the underwriter promised this was the last request. If you can believe that. The requested information was just documentation related to a previous company I owned and sold since there were loss carry forwards on my personal taxes which reduced my adjusted gross income to negative for two years and zero for last year. They are still going to approve the loan based on income from my w2 and investment income due to the business not being mine anymore and the assets and reserves on hand. Just seems like a nightmare when the monthly payment is less than what I have been paying and is very low on the dti. Oh well sounds like the underwriting process is just something everyone hates and has issues.
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Re: Final Conditions received from underwriting

I went through 3 rounds as well. It sucks when they come back with things they could have asked for previously and also come back with the same question they asked previously which was already satisfied. Hopefully what they said is true and you are in the homestretch.

They told me my file was complete Monday and that it was going into UW review. I really hope we get cleared to close Friday but probably won't be until Monday.
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