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Got the clear to close today!

Loan officer called me on my lunch break today and delivered the good news: cleared to close!  We are closing Thursday at 11AM. 


It's a been a long journey for my wife and I.  I ran into some credit troubles after I separated from the USAF.  Filed BK and it was discharged May 2010.  Been working hard ever since then to rebuild my credit and we would always look at houses online saying "One day we'll have a home of our own."  Well, the day has arrived and we can't be happier.


We went through Veterans United Home Loans.  Purchase price was $169,000 and our rate is 3.5%.  The house is in a nice neighborhood and three houses down from my wife's mom and dad.  Which is nice because I'm not a handyman at all, but my FIL is like MacGuyver when it comes to fixing/building things!


I haven't posted a lot on these boards, but have spent countless hours reading.  The stuff I learned on here has been invaluable towards finally owning a home.  Thanks to all.


Here's a photo:

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Re: Got the clear to close today!

That is so awesome. What a blessing - it's a beautiful home ! Your family must be very proud of your hard work and diligence to make it happen. Now......ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST !

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Re: Got the clear to close today!

Congrats. Enjoy your new home... Dont forget to invite all of us to the first BBQ!!! lol

Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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Re: Got the clear to close today!

Beautiful home! counting the days to when I hear those wonderful 3 words "clear to close". 

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Re: Got the clear to close today!

Thank you for the kind words everyone.  To everyone still waiting and working hard to get there, hang in there and your work will pay off soon!

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Re: Got the clear to close today!

CONGRATS!!!! It is a beautiful home!!! I am so happy for you! We are counting the days to hear clear to close as well. Hoping it will be Friday or Monday.
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Re: Got the clear to close today!

Beautiful. Congrats!

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Re: Got the clear to close today!

Beautiful home congratulations!

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Re: Got the clear to close today!

Congrats!  Enjoy, it's beautiful!


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Re: Got the clear to close today!

What a beautiful home! Congrats- enjoy it!

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