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HELP! I really screwed up

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Re: HELP! I really screwed up

That's good to hear!

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Re: HELP! I really screwed up

I am glad that everything worked out.  In the event the credit card balance was a deal breaker (lowered credit score) then you could have the lender run a rapid rescore.  Basically if paying off a balance will be significant enough in the process they can do this.  They are not allowed to charge you for this either.  Seeing your situation is under control, this is more of an FYI for future reference. 

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Re: HELP! I really screwed up

All good points above, as lenders feel compelled to ding your credit one last time before closing; new credit, new car loan, etc. Enough dings over an extended period

of time will lower your score, I'm proof of this as it happened in '08. The final ding prior to closing dropped me to 719, cost me 1/4 of a point in interest.

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