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I think I messed up, what to do?

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I think I messed up, what to do?

LO has to pull my tri-merge report again as my last one expired.  I paid down my one CC, but the payment didn't post until after the statement cut. I paid off another CC at the same time, but it still is not updated on the CRAs (10 days after the statement date?).  In the past, I've been able to go into EQ and do an online dispute to get the CC balances updated to reporting properly.  EQ has been a major PITA about updating my records anyway, so this has been the fastest, most efficient way to do it; it's usually done and closed within 3 business days.  Not so this time.  I don't know what's taking so long, but these 2 accounts are still "in dispute" and the LO is antsy to pull to push everything to UW again.


The problem is, the one CC is reporting a higher balance/payment than on my last tri-merge report and I'm afraid that could jeaporidize things with the UW.  Should I call EQ and cancel the disputes, then see if the LO will do a rapid rescore of that one account?  Contact the CU and ask them to do a mid-cycle update to the CRAs?


What should I do?

Starting Score: 10/1/2011 EQ 568 TU 593
Current Score: EQ 664 TU 700 EX 701 (FAKO)

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Re: I think I messed up, what to do?

i'm not sure of this but I think if anything effects your score your LO will ask you about it and if you have paid it down i'm sure you can show him proof of that, online statement etc. Again i'm not sure... but it shoulds like what they would ask you to do

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Re: I think I messed up, what to do?

The LO doesn't need to repull credit immediately after the report expires; he just needs to make sure the report isn't expired when the file is submitted for the final UW. I would tell the LO to pull at the end of the month, and no earlier, especially since you don't have a firm closing date yet.  

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