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Mortgage broker?

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Mortgage broker?

How do you find a mortgage broker? I am afraid my chances are slim to none to find a loan for my situation but I need to at least try I guess. I have been reading all the information on here but it is so overwhelming I dont even know where to start. Ill try not to turn this into a book Smiley Wink
I owe 15k on a property (manufactored home that after repairs would be est value 90k) that needs some repairs. It has been sitting empty for 3.5 years because i didnt think i still owned it ( long story short i signed a terrible contract where basically it could be taken at anytime, no reason. Ugh)
Fast forward to now.... last week i found out i do indeed still own it but obviously i had not made any payments in that time ( they never reported either way)
I am now on disability for the last 4 years. I make only 21000 (cant use my husbands income)
Fico mortgage scores i only have 2 of 3 but i am pretty sure the third would be my lowest so middle score is 644.
It is even possible for me to do some kind of refianance to get out of that atrocious contract and be able to also do repairs?
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Re: Mortgage broker?

Do you have a real estate agent? I found mine through my real estate agent when I was using a single company. They recommended a broker instead because my mortgage company couldn't keep up and it was the best thing I ever did.


It ended up being these four groups of people (Broker/Mortgage Company, Lawyer, Real Estate Company, Local Credit Repair Company) that would always try to work together and they did wonders for me. Also got way better interest rates and a ton of other benefits like no closing costs, deposit back etc. 


They also have them listed on Zillow, Trulia, active rain etc. with user reviews. 

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Re: Mortgage broker?

What state are you in? Getting a renovation loan or a cash out refi is tricky on a manufactured home, but it can be done.

It doesn’t sound like you are too attached to the home. Is selling it an option for you?
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