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Re: NEED HELP raising my credit score ASAP

Shinoga wrote:

any other suggestions?

What's wrong with the suggestion that you pay off your CC?  That's the easiest way to get a boost, unless you get lucky with a GW.


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Re: NEED HELP raising my credit score ASAP

You probably wont even have time to get a GW to go through and report to the credit bureau.

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Re: NEED HELP raising my credit score ASAP

I agree with AJC.  Do you already have an offer in and accepted on a property?  If you have not gotten an accepted offer then that alone you are pushing it if you need to close by Dec 24th.  Yes it can be done, but I also live in Illinois and most homes are short sales/foreclosures.  Is this program no longer good after the Dec 24th deadline?  You could also look into Wells Fargo CDMP loan.  There is a ton of restrictions though so you would have to dig deeper to see if you qualify.  It is basically a loan with no PMI, only 2% down but you take a higher interest rate   I hope it all works out for you!

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Re: NEED HELP raising my credit score ASAP

a non-traditional TL is like rent history, utility history, cable history etc...


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