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I've never really thought about buying a house because I was afraid of even looking at my credit score.  At the encouragement (ie insistence) of my fiance, I checked my scores three months ago.  It was not great.  Not bad, but not great.  What I thought was bad credit was really just lack of credit.  I spent the next three months paying and deleting collections, keeping my card below 9% and even getting a new, unsecured card.  

I am ecstatic to report that I was just preapproved for my first house.  Let the shopping begin.


Thanks to everyone on this board.  This board has been a tremendous resource and I am forever grateful that I found it

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Wells Fargo: $5000
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Re: PreApproved!!!

Congratulations to you!!


Kepp up the good work :-)

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Re: PreApproved!!!

Congrats! Enjoy your journey!

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Re: PreApproved!!!

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Re: PreApproved!!!

Good luck to you on your mortgage journey!!Smiley Happy

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Re: PreApproved!!!

Congrats on the preapproval.  Even after you have your mortgage continue to work on your scores, I lived for many years with limited options because I didn't believe I could have decent credit and get solid approvals for CC, car loans and mortgages but the past three years have been much easier having those options.  It doesn't take as much work as many think and the folks here are great at helping you reach your goals.

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Re: PreApproved!!!

Congratulations!!!  I'm on the same journey.

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