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Refi after BK - FHA or HARP


Refi after BK - FHA or HARP

Can anyone help with the guidelines regarding these 2 types?  We will be 2 years out of BK on 12/31/09 - our current mtg is with WF, who is no help, as I keep getting different answers.  I was told I could refinance through HARP, regardless of how long ago we were discharged; now I'm being told it has to be 4 years from discharge.  For FHA, I was told we could start the process now, but it can't close until 2 years from our discharge date - now another rep is telling me, we can't even start the process until after 12/31.  Can anyone clear this up?



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Re: Refi after BK - FHA or HARP

For FHA you just have to be 2-years since discharge on a Ch 7, some lenders won't let you apply until that date but then more flexible lenders can start it up but will just wait until it's 2 years old in order to do the closing.  HARP (Freddie Mac Open Access & Fannie Mae Refi Plus) follow the normal Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac BK guidelines, which is 4 years if it was to do financial mismanagement or 2 years if due to extenuating circumstances.
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