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Spouses Child Support Arrears

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Spouses Child Support Arrears

Hello Everyone,


My fico has helped me rebuild my credit tremendously!  A big THANK YOU to this community!  So now since my credit is pretty much where I need it to be to buy a house!  Yaayyyyy.  Now the downside...

From what I've been reading on here is that in a community state (Texas to be specific) you can buy a home without your spouse being included on the loan, however your spouses obligation/debt would need to be included in the debt portion for an FHA loan.  My question is if he had this obligation before we were married would it still be included since he did not incur this after we were married?  He is so far behind and I've worked so hard to be in a position to buy a house that I would hate for this to be obstacle.  He has no other debts besides this.  Your replies are very much appreciated!!!

Starting Score: 579
Current Score: FICO EQ659,EX682,TU725
Goal Score: 750

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