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UPDATED: Pinch me...CLOSED!!!

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Got the call today that I am FINALLY cleared to close and have an appointment at 3pm tomorrow to sign my life away.  Thrilled, nervous, ecstatic. We won't be sleeping in the house until Halloween, but it will be OURS and we can start doin' her up right!


UPDATE:  Arrived at 2:45 for my 3pm closing and we got started right away.  By 3:15 I had my keys in hand after handing over one thin dime.  Yep, TEN CENTS to close!!!  :smileyvery-happy:  I immediately went to Lowe's, got a $5K card and bought appliances, tools, and a snowman for my new front yard.  On Lowe's WiFi, in the parking lot, I apped for Amazon Visa, got a $6,500 CL and a $50 gift card, and ordered a few things I needed from there (while still in the Lowe's parking lot), then once we got to the house, I called up NFCU and was approved for a CashRewards SIGNATURE Visa :smileysurprised: with a $15K CL.  Banner day to be THANKFUL!!!


We just got back from our "taping party" where we got everything ready for painting.  Up and at 'em early tomorrow to go do some painting, then I have to get in a nap as tomorrow night is also my "Monday" back at work.  Going to be an exhausting, exhilerating, interesting week!


THANK YOU MyFICO from the bottom of my oh-so-grateful heart. I could not have done it without you all.

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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!


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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

That's so awesome Congrats!

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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

congrats! that's awesome


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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

Yay!! Fantastic!!

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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

Congrats but just be cautious until after you have the keys in hand. I got the cleared to close on a Friday for Monday at 2 Pm and at 10am on closing day the needed some more paperwork in the 11th hour. still closed by 3pm but it was a little scary.  Im sue you should have nothing to worry about though 

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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

PINCH!   Congrats!

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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!


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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

Amazing!!! Finally!!! Congrats!!!


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Re: Pinch me...clear to close!!!

Congrats! Its been a long journey for you...enjoy preparing your new home for your move!


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