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USDA Approval time...

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USDA Approval time...

I  am wondering how long it can take USDA to approve the final file.  The mortgage company in my case countrywide sent our completed file in back on March 20th we where to close on the 31st of March but the day before closing we found out that USDA still had not signed off on the paperwork yet.  Our loan is of course not the only one out there waiting countrywide has many closings that have been put off.  Does anyone know what the backlog for USDA looks like?  I do know that USDA received some kind of directive to get all old loans out in 10 days but of course my loan was not in the old enough pile.  We completely qualified no questions (720 score little debt (one credit card paid in full every month) everything else is paid for I paid off my vehicle and student loans NO bad marks on my credit and I am in the income guidelines) The loan has been approved by countrywide and I  have paid for inspections, appraisals, etc.  Now it is the waiting game for them to sign off does anyone have any idea how much longer this will take.  I am stressed out about the process since like I mentioned we where supposed to have closed on 3/31 and be moved out of our apartment by 4/14 since they (the apt mgr) has a new renter (major mess) it is getting close to 4/14 and I am looking at tents for sale  :smileyhappy:  any info would be much appreciated
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Re: USDA Approval time...

i FIND THIS ODD. wHAT STATE ARE YOU IN? (oops) I am in Texas and once Chase approved our file they told us 2 days for USDA to sign off and in less than 2 days it was done.

 HMMMMM wonder if it is sitting on someones desk signed off on but under her coat or something???

 The Chase part took 24 hours then said the standard to USDA as always 2 days. Maybe countrywide is different.

 You can do what I do when I do not have answers that satisfy my OCD brain .....I would call our local USDA office myself and ask questions (mainly about would I be approved) (I freaked out about our approval while we were waiting on our house to sell because they would not give me an answer without being full on ready to buy, even though we had pre-approval I could not shake feeling like something would hold us back)  I would call USDA and say "my credit score is 680 here are the bad things on credit do you think USDA will approve me" then I would call again a couple days later and try to get a different person and get their opinion. I could not sleep so I botherd USDA, I bothered our broker, I bothered my realtor LOL I got them all gifts for putting up with me.


Point is find out which office is signing off and call yourself and say hey whats the deal? I am about to be homeless please help me.

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Re: USDA Approval time...

I have bugged my Loan Officer daily they tell me that it is still there and that they are still trying to meet a Washington directive that stated that they had to have 250+ loans out of there that where apparently sitting on someone's desk prior to my file being added to that pile.  I live in FL and I am so stressed about the waiting period.  When we started the loan process our Loan Officer advised us that USDA was about a month behind but we have been working on our loan since the bank accepted our offer on the house about 2 months now.  I wouldn't worry if they where asking me for missing documents or something but I get nothing and it is frustrating especially when you are trying to schedule your life around a closing date that keeps changing.
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