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Wells Fargo and 2009 Deed in Lieu...

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Wells Fargo and 2009 Deed in Lieu...

Hello family!!!  I am going to shoot from the hip on this one....I am in the Navy, and in 2008, I wanted to do a short sale of my home.  Well, WF denied the sale, stating the sale amount was in the best interest for them.  I then realize that I could not maintain the home while I was station in Californian (home in NC) and wanted to do a deed in lieu.  Wellll, WF informed me that before they would grant a DIL, I had to be 120 days late on the mortgage before they would talk to me.  Ok, not being "MYFICO" savvy as I am now, I went past 120 days for them to denied me again, only for them to finally approving my DIL. 


Now, the DIL took place FEB 2009, and it still shows on my report that the current status says: 120 days past due.  Also, I keep hearing of class action lawsuits against WF for owners who were in similar patterns as I was.  Should I pursue WF to remove the status and have it reflect "closed" or to remove the trade line (which I doubt).  And by the way, the amount I wanted to short sale the home for....WF sold it for that amount after the DIL went through. 


Thanks Fam!!!

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Re: Wells Fargo and 2009 Deed in Lieu...

You have nothing to lose to try.


You may want to consult an Attorney with a FREE consultation to see if you have any recourse.

Good Luck
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Re: Wells Fargo and 2009 Deed in Lieu...


Go to the top--nothing to lose.  I am sure he would not want bad press from someone serving!


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