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What happens after manual underwriter approval?

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What happens after manual underwriter approval?

I am in the final stages of owning a home. I was approved through automatic underwriting in the beginning of this process and after recieving an accepted offer on a home, good appraisal, etc., back, I was just informed that the manual underwriter approved my file. Does anyone know if after manual underwriter approval, is there any other decison making people lurking who works for the lender who may crush my spirits? My credit report will almost be identical as when I started the process 2 months ago. I have not applied or opened any new lines of credits. My balances are still between 0-9%, and my savings has increased. Should I still be worried?

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Re: What happens after manual underwriter approval?

Not unless something happens weird at title/closing (you should def know by now if there are title issues),,,,and then you get through funding  (Unless you lose your job or something happened credit wise I can't think of anything here).....and then they record the deed in your name at the county......and then keys!   AND THEN,  happy time.

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