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Would I qualify for a mortgage?

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Re: Would I qualify for a mortgage?

have you applied for anything else recently? I would wait at least 12mth after your last application to apply. That will also hopefully let your scores come up as well. Its doubtful a person with your scores would qualify for anything let alone 100% financing, and if you did the interest rate would be beyond horrible.

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Re: Would I qualify for a mortgage?

Keep in mind that they wont be able to count your va education benefit as income... other than that; good luck!

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Re: Would I qualify for a mortgage?

Djnikki if you read my post I said if you live in a CP state and MD is not a community property state which is why she was able to get her mortgage
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Re: Would I qualify for a mortgage?

Good luck to you! I am in SC.The only $0 down programs in my area are USDA and VA. We did not qualify for VA due to not being military. USDA didn't work due to income being too high and score being too low (was under 640 mid at the time). I ultimately went FHA. I know you don't have the 3.5%  down right now. If I was you I'd try USDA direct. Your income would likelyqualify, you would likely need to get up to a 640 mid and no lates/collections for 1year. The home buying process is SO different than when I bought my first home in 2006. Back then, I gave one paystub, LOST MY JOB before closing, and didn't have a dime in the bank and they gave me $150k.Now,they practically ask for fingerprints of your first born...I hope you have good luck in your home buying process!

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