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pre-approval amount

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pre-approval amount

Im trying to prepare myself mentally for the quality of home I can afford. I have given my numbers to a couple of brokers and LOs to get a ballpark figure on what range I should be looking in and received as low numbers as 100k to the highest of 180k.


Looking to narrow it down a bit if anyone has similiar numbers to us.


annual income:30k me, 12k gf

DTI: 13% me, 4% gf

assume taxes: $2500


whats a "safe" price range we can assume to look at? if any other information is required ill gladly provide it, but this is all i could think of. sorry

In my wallet: Discover it 6800 CL, Capital One Quicksilver Sig 5k CL, Chase Freedom 4k CL, GCU Patinum Visa 1500 CL
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