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Best way to keep track of payments?

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Re: Best way to keep track of payments?

I pay every week a portion of the bill thru online banking

Forget manual payments, we forget.


Balance transfers ex:  21 months

21 months is 90 weeks

$2500 balance

$2500 / 80 = $31.25 - I send $35 for rounding sake.

I ride the lightening and never have to think about it.

I mentioned 80, I give myself a week off if I cannot swing it.

I have 10 freebie weeks to play with in that duration. Keep track!

Then when that balance gets low to almost done I choose

if I want to pay it all off.


Same thing for utilities/cable/cell phones etc bills.

Divide the amount by 3 and pay that each week.


Hasnt failed me yet and sometimes I have excess

credit. So it works in my favor. They can make some interest

on my money, I dont care. I will take a hit if im late and it

would take some time recouping.


It's funny to hear others say that the bills are due or

they're short $$ yada yada yada. I have no problems

no worries and can actually sleep knowing they're paid.


Overall it works.

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Re: Best way to keep track of payments?

I try to keep it simple...I use a calendar with for me....Smiley Happy

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Re: Best way to keep track of payments?

I ended up linking eerything to Mint.

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