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Credit unions with early direct deposit

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Re: Credit unions with early direct deposit





Question.  Why?  The period between pay will be constant still, correct?  So, what is the point to early pay?

If I were a wealthy man, I might not care. But since I'm not, I do like to have my money early. And which institution you use can make a difference. With the 2-day institutions, you can sometimes get it even earlier... I've had deposits with a Wednesday payment date credited to my account the previous Friday afternoon.... that's 5 calendar days early.

It makes ZERO difference, regardless if you are wealthy or poor.


If you have 200 dollars per week paycheck, it does not matter if that pay has to last from Friday to Friday or Wednesday to Wednesday. The 200$ still has to last the same amount of time.


You are just deluding yourself to believe otherwise.

Can we please stay on topic. If early direct deposit isn't important to you that's fine. This thread isn't about whether it's a good thing or not, it's about which credit unions offer it.



Agreed. Getting paid a day early is nice. Let's remember that the day early conept doesn't just apply to employer direct deposits. If you get your tax return direct deposited, those will show up a day early too. At my local credit union, the money sticks as "unusable" for a day or two, depending on the amount of the return. 

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Re: Credit unions with early direct deposit

with NFCU mine shows up 11:00PM CST which in the end is midnight the night of EST.  Chime does do two days early, no experience with PenFed (don't really want to have to put so much there and the monthly fee for their checking account), Woodforest National Bank does 2 days as well.  If you use the Cash Management from Fidelity then its around 1 to 2 days early.  

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