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Denied $500 CLOC NFCU

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Re: Denied $500 CLOC NFCU

I was just approved for the CLOC CLI from 3K to 15K on 09/01/17.  No changes in score from 08/15/17 to when they pulled and it showed a 663 with equifax.  The only version that came  close was the FICO 5 mortage version. It matched exactly.  I know in another posted someone mentioned the CLOC was harder.  In my case they approved the CC cashback at 4200 and CLOC SL was 1K, but that was what I requested.   Good luck

Chapter 7 Discharged 03/2015 **FICO 8 Scores as of 09/2017 - Equifax 646 / Trans 639 / Experian 668 - NFCU FICO 9 - 622 as of 09/05/17 UT - 19%
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