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Lending club

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Re: Lending club

Congrats they must be kin to Barclays lol they are HP sensitive.
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Re: Lending club

bigpoppa09 wrote:
Congrats they must be kin to Barclays lol they are HP sensitive.

As someone who used to invest with Lending Club, perhaps their credit underwriting isn't strong enough


I started off with 15 notes (shares of a different loan) @ $25 each, and three of the loans went into default. 

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Re: Lending club

Are they completely paperless or did they send you confirmation of approval or any documents via mail as well?( noticing more paperless loans now a days).
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Re: Lending club

Hello ghgirl - How much of a fee did they charge with the $23k loan?  I have been pre-approved for up to $35k.  What rate did you get if you do not mind me asking....thanks in advance.

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