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Navy FCU Data Points

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Navy FCU Data Points

I made a bad decision to close out my NavyFed accounts earlier this year (before the loophole was lifted). 


I understand there are other threads asking about how to join NavyFed through a veteran. 


I'm making a thread where the target is determining how to get into NavyFed through a step parent and a step parent only. 


Please note: I want centralized answers on the success and failures of talking to a rep over the phone. For example, did you need to provide documents to prove that your step parent was serving in the military vs. if the member services representative did not require proof at all. 


I've read a post here and there over a bunch of different NFCU threads stating that the representitives did not require proof of a step parent's military service to gain eligibility, and that the rep opened their accounts while on the phone; however, when I tried to apply, I was asked to provide proof of DoD and other documents. 


Please provide data points and advice (should I call back again and get another rep? for example). 


I'd also like to make a note here that NavyFed will begin updating their website and app, so there are some more exciting changes to come, and yet another reason I want to join, as seen here:


Thank you. 

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Re: Navy FCU Data Points

I joined NFCU less than a month ago by calling in.  My father (dead) was in the Air Force, and my step-father (alive) was in the Navy.  When I talked to the rep, she said I was eligible through both.  


She completed the sign up, and I now have a checking and a savings with them.  She never even asked my father or step-fathers' names.  Once I got the paperwork in the mail, I took it in to the local branch and had my father's DD214 and my birth certificate, but the woman said they weren't asking for any evidence like that.

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Re: Navy FCU Data Points

As a follow-up, I received my printed TU report today, and NFCU soft-pulled for my membership.  Nothing on Experian or Equifax.

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Re: Navy FCU Data Points

ptkdude wrote:

As a follow-up, I received my printed TU report today, and NFCU soft-pulled for my membership.  Nothing on Experian or Equifax.

If you only got a SP to join, you lucked out! Usually it's a HP to join, and each product you want to apply for. They don't reuse pulls like most other CUs. The only time I've lucked out with a SP was on a CLI request, and that took a while Smiley Happy

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Re: Navy FCU Data Points

In addition to the soft on TU, they also pulled EWS:  what appears to be the equivalent of a hard pull on EWS.

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