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2 Judgments for same debt

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2 Judgments for same debt

If I have a judgment on me on same debt in 2 states and both reported in my CR can I dispute it and how I should approach the CRA 


Thank you 

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Re: 2 Judgments for same debt

A judgment from any state can be enforceable in any other state. The process is called domestication. Once the judgment in one state is domesticated in the other it can be enforced in your current state.


This may be what happened.  You would need to contact the clerks of each court to find out.

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Re: 2 Judgments for same debt



If the creditor has taken the trouble to domesticate a judgment from another state they may be intent on enforcing it.  The next steps could include being summoned to a disclosure hearing (it's not showing up at those that gets debtors put in jail for contempt of court), attachment of your bank account or wage garnishment.  You need to look paying this, or whether the underlying judgment can be vacated.

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