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+57 points Experian! *Now +70!*

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Now, that, is a nice bump! :smileyvery-happy:


Had an LHR, Inc. collection that was factoring as an "Installment" account on my Experian report which just aged off in the last couple days or so and my score went from 597 on 12/19/12 to 654 today! 

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

CONGRATS!!!!  HAPPY, HAPPY :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

Congrats!!! Where did you get the score form btw?

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

HiLine wrote:

Congrats!!! Where did you get the score form btw?

It's just a FAKO score, but got it from Experian's own website.


I did the $1 7-day trial thing they are running, which was fun in itself. Signed up on the 19th and had it on the calendar to cancel yesterday, to make sure I do it in time. Logged in to cancel, and saw I need to call to cancel...but of course they were closed since it was Christmas. No problem, I figured I can still do it today...seein ghow 19 + 7 days is the 26th. I call and cancelled, no problem, then notice they charged me $17.95 for 1 month of their monitoring service. Got in an argument with customer service over exactly what 7 days means...she said the first day you sign up counts as day one...I said 1 day is 24 hours, so the 19th to the 20th is one day, meaning today was 7 days (19 + 7 afterall is 26). She refused to refund me the money...I asked for a manager, which was enough motivation for her to go ahead and do the refund.

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

That's a nice increase, Congrats!
Glad you were able to cancel the service and be refunded for the extra month.

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Re: +57 points Experian report!



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Re: +57 points Experian report!


I just got +76 increase from EX also because my last collection got deleted, now I'm collection free in EX. I wish I can pull my EX fico score though.

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

Dayum, that's great.  A few weeks ago, I GW'd a paid collection ($165 utility bill) that shows on my EX and TU.

If my score jumps anything like yours because of a deleted collection, I'll be.....well, excited to say the least. lol

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

Refreshed my Experian credit report today and got another +13 point jump! The increase came from a Cap. One credit card that was previously reporting 63% util to now 0%. New score is 667 vs 597 just 8 days ago!


That's about all the action I'm going to see at least for a couple months, I have two accounts due to age off in the next 1-2 months and that's it, the rest will have to come from paying credit cards on time and just waiting it out.

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Re: +57 points Experian report!

Thats awesome. Congratulations!

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