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+76 in one month

Hello all,

I wanted to thank everyone here for the great info! I started my journey in May. I started off by reading the forum and soaking all the info up for one month. Then June 2nd GW's started going out. So far I have had 4 accounts reviewed, 1 of them was removed completely and 3 of them removed lates. I am waiting on my second GW to Wells Fargo Mortgage and one to Chase/Circuit City to come back. The Chase is wrong and I can prove it. They are reporting a 30 day late in 2005 even though we have never used the card.

Right now I have bumped up my wife’s scores from 687 to 763. And mine have gone from 697 to 751. I am hoping to get a little more out of each score and I am not sure how we can do this.

We do not carry debt- we are using a few cards and paying them in full at the end of each month. I will not open any new accounts, but should I contact each card and ask for an increase? Also, I remember a thread regarding which card reports to which CA. I was unable to find the thread again :smileysad: Does anyone know where I can find this info. Exp is our lowest score and I want to make sure I use a card that reports to them.

Thanks again for everyone’s help! Any tips to raise my scores even more would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: +76 in one month

check out
Some of the information, is accurate, and helpful.
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Re: +76 in one month

MyFico l Equi - 784 l Exp - 752 l Trans - 786

[as of 7/13/2008]
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Re: +76 in one month

Wow, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: +76 in one month

Wow, we are in the same boat i am too waiting on GW's for Wells Fargo and Chase/Curcuit City 30 day late from 2005 also.  I also know that Chase is incorrect but I can't prove it. I sent several GW letters to them already but no response.   please provide update if you get them to respond.
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Re: +76 in one month

751 is a fantastic score! I hope mine will be in that area as my last couple of derogs drop in April.

Unfortunately, rumor has it around the forums that Wells Fargo is notorious for refusing to GW lates. However, if you have a different experience please let us know!
Here we go again...
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Re: +76 in one month

Well, WOOT WOOT to you, by all means you can ask for CLI's if you don't want to open any new credit.
I will say this though, having a good mix of credit is always good to have on your reports.
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Re: +76 in one month

So far Wells Fargo has been a real pain- but hey it was my mistake so we will see. The lates are 6.5 years old so if they stay on, they stay on. I contacted Chase/Circuit City lastnight for a wrong 30 day (that I can prove was wrong) and they said anything over a year they can't help me. They said to contact the CRA's and they will remove it. Also, lastnight I increased my credit line with all cards that would not do a hard pull. Ended up increasing my available credit by $7,000.
So far I have been very lucky as I started out with 8 baddies and now I only have 2. One of those 2 is the Chase/Circuit City that I will get removed by the end of July. I have to say that the whole process, while long, has been pretty easy. If your accounts are paid off, compaines are willing to work with you.
Thanks again to everyone here for the great advise!

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