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A few questions on building my credit


A few questions on building my credit

Hi there everyone,

In 2009 at age 24 I decided that it was time to take the plunge and apply for a credit card to build up some credit. I applied for a card then and got the "you'll hear from us in 7-10 days" came back with and letter "unable to approve due to too many account delinquencies". I was shocked so I did the whole thing my score was 655 but there was two credit cards opened up with my info in 2004 that were maxed out(small limits both were 300 I believe). My identity was obviously stolen. I went ahead and sent letters all to the credit bureaus and the credit card companies explaining the situation. Fast forward to today I almost essentially forgot about the whole thing but the wife and I are considering buying a house at the end of the year so I out of curiosity go on again and see my score is now 733 and there is no accounts on my report but just a chevron card that my father had me linked to that was closed recently. Is possible that those delinquent accounts just really disappeared? Would I be fine now to try and apply for credit and the creditors would not see and delinquent accounts?

Thanks everyone for any help and advice
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Re: A few questions on building my credit gets you your Experian report.  You need to check your Equifax and Transunion as well.  The site you want to get them from is  What you see on your reports is what the lenders will see.  It probably couldn't hurt to call those credit card companies and ask for an update.


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Re: A few questions on building my credit is one free report from each CRA every 12 months.  They are the real CR directly from the CRAs and will provide much more detail and be more accurate.

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