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Has anyone ever had any luck getting lates removed from an AES account.  This is the most recent late on my report (about a year ago).  Now the lates were after I applied for a deferment, but before I was actually approved.  AES also keeps randomly putting my accounts in and out of deferment?  I emailed them and asked for a GW deletion but got nowhere.  These are the ones that are hurting my score the most, any ideas?

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I am somewhat new here but would love to help. What is AES?

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I talked to an AES representative and they told me after two years the late payments would be deleted. I am at my two year mark now, so  I disputed online with my credit bureau (equifax) and am waiting for a decision. I too have a deferment plan with AES.  Hope this helps.

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AES handles student

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Thanks for that 39194yazoo.

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Your results may be different, but I've been waging a battle against AES for 2 years now and I have had absolutely no luck. I HATE AES with a passion!!!


Since they are only a servicer of student loans and not an actual owner of any student loans, they will always cop out by saying "we are just a serviucer and have to report per our agreement with the loan holder" and then the loan holder will tell you "AES handles all of our loann servicing and credit reporting so you have to speak with them." After dozens and dozens of letters and calls to both AES and the actual loan holders, I have given up. It's circular and frustrating.


In response to the previous poster's comment saying that AES told him/her they would delete, that has not been the case for me. I was never told that, but my lates are older than 2 years and the lates were not deleted. I have a feeling AES was either being dishonest when they told the previous poster that or the person he/she talked to simply had no idea whay they were talking about. I would love to hear an update though!

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Disputing with a CRA over lack of deletion will most likley get you nowhere.  The CRA policy is clear... information is not to be deleted based on payment of a debt.  Period.

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