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? About SOL

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? About SOL

I've lived in MA all my life, the sol here is 6 years. I've just recently moved to RI where the sol is 10 years. I just received a letter from a CA regarding an old credit card debt of $800 from 8 years ago. I pulled my credit report and sure enough it's showing up on there. This account was listed on my CR but was removed a few years ago when the SOL was up. So can they add this back to my CR even though the SOL has run out in the state the debt was originally from? What should I do to get this once again removed from my CR?
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Re: ? About SOL

Hello and welcome to the forums.  I think you are confusing SOL with CRTP.  The SOL refers to the time period where you can be sued and get a judgment.  CRTP is the time period where an account will be excluded from your CR.  The CRTP will not change, once it passes the 7 years mark it can't be placed back on.  However since you live in RI now, the SOL is 10 years.  

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