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Advice for GW of collection from government overpayment.

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Advice for GW of collection from government overpayment.

Hey guys, this is one of the last things I need to get off of my report. I was overpaid for my GI Bill. The fall semester of 2012 I dropped a class towards the end of the semester, lowering my eligibility to 75%, which resulted in the prior payments for the semester being classified as overpayments. The total amount of the overpayment was $903. Shortly after, still in november of 2012, I got a letter stating that I owed money. I took no action because I was told by someone in my unit that it would just be recouped from future gi bill/dfas payments and not to worry about it. That was stupid on my behalf, but I figured my platoon sergeant would know what he was talking about, so I believed him. My December payment was garnished. At this point I figured all was well and when I started classes next semester the rest of  the money would be paid for by my coming GI bill payments. I ended up not starting classes until 8 weeks into the spring semester of 2013, which resulting in a balance of $3XX being reported to a CA. Once I started classes in March, the money was taken from my GI Bill payment and everything was taken care of. I had no knowledge that this was even on my CR until about a month ago.


The other issue is that collection is being reported as paid and closed with TU and EX, but still listed as open on my EQ report. I have been trying to get the VA to fix this, and they have just told me to dispute it with EQ and it would be updated. I have gone through the process twice now, and both times it comes back verified as an open account. I called the VA once more, explaining that something had to be done about this as it is innaccurate reporting, and all they have offered to do is send me a letter stating the account is closed, and I have to send that letter to EQ. Does this sound right? The guy with the VA said "I bet EQ didn't even do anything when you disputed it, because we have the account listed as closed". Two times I was on the phone with the VA debt department, I tried getting a GW removal over the phone and was pretty much laughed at. (I hope none of you ever have to call them, I have never waited less than 45 minutes on hold to speak with someone when I call)


I plan on sending a letter to the VA to attempt a GW removal, but I don't know where to send it. On my report the address is a PO box in MN. Should I send it there? What should I write?  Has anyone ever dealt with getting something like this removed?


Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing any advice.

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Re: Advice for GW of collection from government overpayment.

Send them a 623 dispute.  Be able to back up your claims or it can be construed as frivilous if you have already disputed with the CRAs.


You can use one 623 for all concerns just make sure they are addressed.


I have dealt with the VA just not for something like this.  However, I have read many posts and they all say the same as you.

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Re: Advice for GW of collection from government overpayment.

I am going to call tomorrow and request copies of the letters that were sent to me, as well as what records they have as far as when I started owing them money with exact dollar amounts. Also going to try and get copies of what dates my payments were garnished and dollar amounts. Going to approach it from the angle of "I want to get a better understanding of the situation so I can prevent future incidents". Once I get the information I'm going to post it here and get some advice as to what exactly to put in my 623 dispute. 


Thanks for the advice guiness56!

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