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Advice for GWing Chase?

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Re: Advice for GWing Chase?

In my case, I'm basically begging that my OC just completely delete my account from my report.  I didn't have a long history with them anyway, and I'd just as well like to start clean.
But that's just the case in my circumstance.

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Re: Advice for GWing Chase?

Laurenlou wrote:
So I defaulted on my Chase Visa a year and half ago, and last Nov I settled the account for about 70% of the balance (after they served me with legal arbitration papers).
It is now paid in full, and reporting on my CR's as: $0 balance, DOLA Nov. 2007, Charged off as bad debt, showing late pays from 12/06-11/07.
I want to GW them to try to have them change the account status from 'Charge off' to 'Closed.' I don't have the whole "I was a good customer for a long time" line to give them, as this card just showed up in my mailbox in May of 06 and by December I had defaulted.
How should I go about doing this? Anyone have any experience with Chase? I have already started GWing Chase for my Pier 1 card (1 late pay) and they keep responding saying its illegal to change information on CR's.
Any thoughts?

I have had a CC account with them for over 5 years that I closed about 2 years ago while going through a divorce. I tried to GW them twice to remove some 30 and 60 day lates and they gave me the standard denial letter too. I also tried to call them to reopen the acct and they said "no." Then I applied for a new card hoping that my history with them would help override my EX 630 score....and they said "no." I haven't had much luck with them at all.
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