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I already have 2 cards for my rebuilding process. Cap 1 (secured) and Orchard Bank (Cap1 1 unsecured). Both have $300CL . I have made attempts to request a limit increase on each card and have been turned down each time. I know that I can make a deposit for the secured card, but was hoping they would give an increase based on my payment history. I'm starting to see why so many of you dislike Cap1. I have $500 to deposit towards Cap1 or try to get a secured card from my local credit union. Which road should I go down?

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Re: Advice...

I would say go with your CU.  There is possible growth there vs Cap1 or Orchard.

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Re: Advice...

  • I agree.....Crappy one ain't never get you go nowhere......
  • when you gonna apply for morgate ???

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