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Looking for advice on my situation .


I have a 589 Equifax and would like to improve that and my overall credit profile. I know I made some mistake when I was younger and I am now trying to turn it around.


Open Accounts

Chase / Amazon Visa - Im an authorized user. Open. Never missed a payment

Navy Federal Secured - Secured 1000 - Never missed a payment. Always kept low balance.

Navy Federal Regular Visa - 1000 - New card since November. Always paid on time.



Navy Federal Secured loan 1000. Always made payment on time. (Someone recommended, said it would help.)


Charge Off  Account / Date of Last Payment

Sallie Mae - 12951 / 08/2006

First Premier - 417 / 3/2010

First Premier - 348 / 3/2010


Other Accounts

Asset Acceptance - This looks like one of the above First Premier charge offs.


Public Records

I had a DUI ( it was expunged from ARD. from 2008) The clerk of courts reports all fines over 1000. I paid my court costs that were due but never knew about it showing on my credit report. I went to clerk of courk, paid their fee to send to the judge. WIll this be removed or sit out there for 7 years?

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Re: Advice

Are the charge offs paid?

Start: Nov'12 EQ 699/EX 685/TU 696 / Current: April''14 EQ 715/EX 709/TU 709 * Goal 750+

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Re: Advice


Sallie Mae falls off shorty and fp doesn't do pfd and their status if paid wouldn't change my score.

Should I see a big bump when sm falls off?
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